2nd Genaration H@L - Android Only Voice Recognition for Vera

Im not saying that’s all you do, not at all, just saying that in the video, it looks like the only “steps” you took were to basically install app and start speaking.

Everything in HAL dir deleted. Restarted, with same result. I did notice when deleting the files that my dictionary file was 0 bytes. Turned on all debug options and restarted. I now have a haltrace.log file. How would I go about sending that to you?

Hi Richard,

Hal is really a great brick in home automation. If you?re looking for any kind of help to ‘teach French’ to Hal fell free to get in touch, I’d be glad to help.
I tested Google Talk’s capacity (from within your app) against typical automation commands and it works nicely.

Best regards,

cool stuff. i tried using it but somehow it translates my english to dutch language xD
so i guess dutch is a possibility :smiley:
my s3 understand dutch very well and my english speaking is not translation good. either my pronounciation or its thinking i speak dutch.
how would i go about changing the commands to dutch language ?

edit: as soon as anything is in the file Dictionary.csv the program crashes. there was only one line : om kitchen,on light kitchen
seems to work when using built-in editor, only if no empty line i.e. comma is there.
when i add lines with notepad and put it back on my s3 the HAL crashes (attached file renamed to .txt as forum wont take it like .csv … same for .log )

more edit: ok i got it… in the program HAL itself go to Dictionary… i set

Google Translation: What I Said:
keuken uit light kitchen off
hoerig RGBW red on
zet koffie Coffeemachine on

me like ^^
which files do i need to translate ? the ones in JS dir or do i make new files called : names.config ?

I have extracted the grammar rules (Commands) into an external file with the intention of localizing this. But I did not know how good the voice recognition is in other languages.

Also there has been very little feedback on HAL so I have not done much with it for a while.

I do plan on doing the open mike feature.

If you are interested in trying to get it to accept Dutch commands I can probably document how you can modify the files on your phone to see how it might work … There are still a few responses that are hard coded … but only a few.

I hope you reported the crash … I will fix it … The dictionary has had a few bugs … it was so simple I did it quickly … and thats where all my crashes have been.

This app is awesome Mr RichardTSchaefer and I did enjoy the youtube tutorial!

It understands my Aussie accent without issue.

Would you consider having pin code protection on the app? I would not like for any of my tech savvy, cheeky friends to download the app and give orders front the front of my house! ;D

I have the same issue with the sonos app but thats another story!


Getting version expired when running application

I expected to release a new version a couple of weeks ago … did not finish testing before I had to do some travelling … I will need to release a new Version today.

[size=10pt]This app is brilliant!!

I’ve had to rename a few devices to make the recognition easier but the new names make more sense anyway. It make controlling my Vera for the more common things a lot quicker and easier than any other normal Vera controllers I have used.

I am very impressed with how this works and surprised it hasn’t generated more feedback for you. I think the Open Mike idea is great I would put it on a tablet which is always on my coffee table and could avoid reaching for my phone.

I’d like to use a Bluetooth headset with it so I can say “Open the pod bay doors” and ride my bike straight in, so bluetooth support would be good.

More devices would always be useful, Thermostatic Radiator Valves etc.

I’m sure this is a big ask but integration with the SONOS plug in to either use TTS to broadcast a message to one or more SONOS devices or even recording the speach to send as an MP3 or equivalent would be amazing.

Also the security as mentioned earlier in this post would be useful.

Thanks for the hard work you have put in to it. I am very interested in any further developments made with this.


Found this. Sounds promising.

First I think that you should receive credits for making this second version of the app much easier compared to the first version!

The app has some problems with me being dutch and recognizing the words i say, but hey this is a start in bringing home automation to the next level.

I think i have to work on my english or try to see what is possible with google voice in dutch language.
But we should try to get a lot people wanting to help to translate this to other languages and or finding ways to get the regocnizing better.

The app crashes or does not respond often at my phone, are more users having this behaviour?

Hello Richard,

I am trying something to use in android tablet to try voice commands to my vera.

I can not find the instructions to install Hal on my system, can you help me ?

is this compatible with portuguese language or only english ?

thanks in advance !

You install HAL from the Google Play store.
Search for HAL and Vera

Voice recognition is in English only now.
It was designed to be localized to other languages for the both the menus and the command grammar. The latter requires that Google voice recognition can recognize your commands in your local language. My next release will make it easy for people to start to localize the grammar for testing purposes.

I will try and let you know…
thanks !

Wait locale with open mike too :slight_smile:

Tested HAL with russian language.

  1. One time App exit with error. Sent log by Google Service.
  2. If I wrote russian phrase in “Google Translation” and english in ''What I Said" all is WORK!
  3. If I said similar phrare, for example - “выключить”, not “выключи” it’s not understand my command :frowning: Fuzzy Match Limit not work in my case.
  4. Welcome message not work in russian. Only english letters.
  5. I wrote Gesture at Request tab (which added before at Gestures tab) and if it not Recognized - not open Result page (voice/gesture/error clicked)

Thanks I will look into the issues.

I have just installed HAL. What a great program !!! 2 questions. Actually, 3 questions. I have watched your you tube video, which really helped getting me started, but it did not answer these question.

I have temperature sensors, and would like to know the temperature. One is calles Temp master bedroom. I tried temp master bedroom, temperature master bedroom, status temp master bedroom… nothing. So i am doing something wrong.

Second question, can i (and if how) run scenes ?

Third one… how can i assign a voice command to a device, lets say my device has a long name, and i just want to call it ‘test’ to turn on/off ?

  1. Temp Master bedroom status
  2. Scene Name
    Run Scene Name
  3. Enter it in the dictionary … some phrase to some command

Ok 1 + 2 working. Although if i say just the scene name, the phrase is recognised correctly, but there is no command associated, but it works if i say run followed by the scene name, so thats fine. Now, I am struggling a little with the dictionary. When I try to get my awning to come in or out, google does not understand me (it does not seem to have that word or be capable to capture that word), so I am trying to use the word shade instead. The device is called ‘awning out’. So I have put awning out in google translation, shade out in what I said ( I have tried the other way round too but that did not work either). I then go back to the voice commands, and the command shade out is captured correctly, but there is no recognised (associated) command.

try :
what i said : shade out google translation: awning out on

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