2GIG-ZStat CT30 Thermostat Question

I have a 2GIG-ZStat CT30 Thermostat operating on batteries (no power cable available from the HVAC unit). I notice in the [1.1.1245] UI4 an underscore character in front of the word _Thermostat in the graphic of the control interface. I have noticed on my locks that this underscore is a placeholder for a battery status indicator that is replaced by a picture of a little green battery once the locks are polled for the first time. I am assuming the same for the thermostat and wonder if anyone knows if there is a variable that needs to be loaded in the device’s Advanced table that would activate battery monitoring?

Thank you.

The underscore is just part of the default device name. You can change the name by modifying the device and clicking on the name in the upper left.

I do not believe that the thermostat device is set up for battery level monitoring. There is no battery level variable in the advanced page. I am not sure whether this is the Vera device implementation or whether the thermostat does not report the battery level.

Check if ‘128’ is in the Capabilities list.

The current firmware in the T-Stat does not utilize the COMMAND_CLASS_BATTERY - how often are you polling the T-Stat? Polling every 10 minutes gives you a 4 to 5 month battery life

There you have it. Thanks for those data points @kaldoon. I was actually wondering about battery life when I looked at these t-stats. I guess 4-5 months is not too bad, although I would always recommend powering them from 24VAC when able. Does the t-stat beep at you or something when the batteries are low?

The polling interval is set at the default - 10800 - 3hrs. Same as my Kwikset locks, which are also battery powered. I don’t know if the t-stat beeps or has some other indication on it’s display about low battery status, but that is moot in any case because it is installed 160 miles away at our vacation rental, which is why I was anxious to monitor the batteries. Could I power it with an external 24vdc transformer somehow to act as the C wire? Where would one connect the ground in such a situation? I have fan control, and heat (gas furnace) control wires, and one common from the HVAC - I presume that I cannot have 2 commons simultaneously?

24V AC is typically possible. I think you can google it for the CT30 / RadioThermostat (the manufacturer) sells a transformer in their store.

I have fan control, and heat (gas furnace) control wires, and one common from the HVAC -
So, how many wires and what are they currently connected to on the CT30 side?

Thanks for the suggestion oTi@ - I left the installation manual on location (remote), but did look it up on their website. I didn’t see a transformer offered, but in the PDF manual found the following line: “The CT30 can be externally powered with a power source rated from 12V to 24V, AC or DC, at 300ma or greater. If used, connect to the C and RH terminals (no polarity).” I will get one and try it next time that I’m on site.
Thanks for all your helpful posts.

I see.

I didn't see a transformer offered[...]
Maybe you went to the 2GIG website? I remembered [url=http://store.radiothermostat.com/24VAC-Transformer-PA.htm]this[/url] from some time ago.

I have one of these thermostats and I only get a week out of the batteries. I’d be thrilled with 4 to 5 months. I wonder why the short battery life?