2GIG Door Sensor - Can't enter the TXID

I have a 2GIG-DW10-345 door sensor that I want to pair with my hub. I select it from the Sensors page, select Next to go to Step 2. It says to “Type in the 7 digit TX ID code…” but it does not enable the keyboard. Instead the camera is active waiting for me to scan a bar code I assume.

I do not have the bar code. I do have the TXID, it’s printed on the back. How can I get the app to enable the keyboard?

I’m running VeraMobile app v3.59 (1) on iPhone and Ezlo Secure v2.0.23.1817.1.


Hi @chuckf2

You can actually press the button on the upper-right-hand side where it says “Add manually”.

Then you should be able to type in the TX ID Code.

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