240v switch/sensor

Hi, newby here. I’m getting ready to buy a Veralight and a couple of devices. One of the things I’d like to start with is a 24v switch or sensor. My wife left the oven on for 6 hrs. today. I’d like to get notified if the oven/stove is on for more than 30 min. or so. Anything like that?

Yes there are devices that could be used for this. But, it depends on the load requirement and your location.

The Intermatic CA3750 InTouch Multi-Volt Contactor Module can switch up to 30Amps(Resistive) at 240Volts.

You could also use the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Monitor to monitor the stove’s power circuit.

If you are very handy with electronics, you might be able to tap into the stove’s control board with a relay that trips a Schlage RS100HC Door and Window Sensor or similar sensor. (If you don’t already know what I am referring to here, FORGET IT. Most wives aren’t terribly understanding if you burn the house down.)

Thanks! Yes I was wondering about pulling off of the indicator light that lights up whenever something is on but the burners and oven activate separate lights, the ovens on the control board it looks like. Easiest way is the Aeon Smart Energy Meter probably. More than I wanted to spend for this purpose though.