2-way RS232

Is the RS232 of Vera 2way (can i get metadata and status information from controlled devices) or is it just control?

Serial port, or Ethernet, attached devices are always controlled by a plugin. This is a bit of code that gets installed onto Vera and has access to do whatever bridging function you want… As long as you can script it :slight_smile:

In most cases Vera is driving the physical device but there are a few examples where Vera is the slave to something else (like the $$ Control4 integration)

I asked a somewhat similar question in the lighting forum, and got no answer. So can Vera be a slave to an A/V controller such as The RTI XP-8, if the proper plug-in was written? For those not familiar with it, RTI’s XP-8 is a full blown fully sophisticated controller with serial ports , among others. It can do time based events, triggered events, etc.

You bet it can. As long as you can get the event to come in over either serial or TCP, the plugin can receive every byte in real time and act on it.

Thats good to know. I would like to use the URC MRX-1 (or MSC400/MRX10) base stations with their remotes to send ASCII commands to trigger sceens and macros while controlling my AV equip. This would also help with the 2 way capable remotes so that I could display light, temp, and lock status on my remote lcd…now i just got to figure out the coding

@jirahhome: Same here. I started looking at Lua today for the plugin, becaue if I understand this corretly, a plugin will be needed 1st to enable communication between RTI or URC controllers. I also have an MSC-400, but am more interested in a solution for the RTI.

I haven’t done any programming in a long long time, but if you’re interested maybe we can collaborate on the plugins for the controllers, seeing that they would have to be very similar since they both use serial commands. Please let me know.

@samor0214 sounds good. I am in the same programming boat (most of my background is in networking) but i would like to get start on a plugin. I think solution like this would be a better/best way to include reliable av control in a slick remote interface…

I was told that Florin was one of the guys to talk to about writing a code for something like this

@guessed: Was that a general statement, or is there in fact a plugin for the Control4?

I think I read that Vera can be integrated into Control4 and that Control4 will support the integration. In this case, I think that Control4 is running the scenes, and Vera is acting a bridge.


I can’t speak for the specific capabilities of the driver, I just know it exists for Control4 owners.

I am a C4 programmer, not by choice just get a lot of request, and its not a system that I would install if given the choice. I am looking for an inexspensive and easily integrated (without have to replace all exsisting remotes) way upgrade customers who already have URC /RTI local control to home automation; thus my interest in Vera…sidenote: C4 runs a Zigbee mesh, I cant think of any application or reason to spend the money on a Zigbee controller then get a Z-wave gateway, but I guess the option to do so is good to have.

@Florin: Any chance you can point us in the right direction to get us started on this? Both RTI and URC are very popular remote brands, and if such a plugin is written will greatly help in integrating Vera with either of these systems.