2-pole switches EU

I’ve been looking around for 2-pole switches. In Norway we need 2-pole switches for bathrooms and outdoor lighting due to the level of water exposure on the fittings.

The only one I’ve found so far is the Merten Connect 507601 micromodule:

Anyone know of other z-wave switches capable of cutting-of both poles?

I guess the Fibaro relay switch is 2-pole?

Sorry to bump this message…

No, that’s not a 2-pole switch… It allows two pole rocker switches to control a single output, still it only cuts off one of the poles. The one I need has to shorten both poles…

Anyone know of any recent activity regarding this issue?

Sorry for bumping an ancient thread but I haven’t been able to find any info on this subject elsewhere.
harald, did you ever find a solution for this. I’m facing the same problem. Damn NOK400.

use fibaro duo-switch and put a relais on it with 2 poles connecting/disconnecting.

Merten 507601 seems to be the answer.