2 Kwiksets...1 works, 1 doesn't

I had one Kwikset working perfectly and I purchased a second radio card to insert into my second existing handle. I figured it would be a snap…I thought wrong. I can lock and unlock the door from my Vera 3 but I cannot enable or program any pin codes. The only thing I see different is that the first “working unit” reports that the Manufacturer is Kwikset and the second “problematic” unit reports it is Black and Decker. Does anyone know of any difference between these radios and whether the Black and Decker one is some newer or older version that is not fully compatible? The only other thing I will try tonight is move my Vera to the lock to ensure I am not hopping through any devices and see if that works better.

My next step is to go out and buy a new full lock, with Radio, but that would be a shame because it almost works!!!

Any thoughts?


Hi Terry,

Did you ever resolve your problem? I’m having the same problem.



So they are definitely two different versions of the firmware (the newer reflecting the new ownership of Kwickset as Stanley/B&D). You should put in a trouble ticket with MCV.