1.0.996 vs 1.0.979

Has any others switched to .996 firmware only to find it locking up your web browser and locking its-self up at least once a day (Requiring a power cycle)?
I finally went back to .979. The happy stable version I have used for over 1 year…


I have been running 1.0.996 for a number of months now and it is the most stable version I have use yet. No problems at all. :smiley:

Maybe a bad flash? Who knows. I went back and no problems at all.
Had to reboot daily before. I’ll reflash and see if it is better.

I updated to 1.0.996 from '979 three days ago and it seems to be just as stable.

If you are using the HRDS1 with .996 keep an eye on the battery status. I reported that a dead battery reports a full charge and in the advanced tab battery status reports 225%


I switched to 996 from 979 reluctantly to support Square Connect. It’s been up 8 days without any weird activity I can attribute to the firmware. So far so good, but I’m about to install more devices and I’m concerned what a heal will do.


How many devices would you have after installing these additional devices?


I have a Vera2 that came with .996 and I find the Wi-Fi locks up once or twice per week requiring a power cycle. I have a Vera1 I upgraded to .996 from .979 to get Sq. Connect and this Vera1 has been solid for over 4 months now.

After Halloween I will upgrade back and see if maybe I had a bad flash.
My light display sends commands to turn off landscaping lights before the Halloween light show starts, and don’t won’t to deal with it acting up like before.
I assume based on all of the positive feed back that my issues were just quirks…
I did notice that with the older verision the iPhone web interface was very spry and almost instant.
With newer, it would often take a while or generate an error about the service not being available when you attempt to activate a device/scene.
It would, as mentioned above, just lock up… Events wouldn’t fire off and I discover the web interface on phone reporting above error, and main web interface accepting commands but doIng nothing.
A power cycle always fixes… For a while.
Another oddity…
My kwikset Lock batteries were low when I downgraded to older verision. So prior to upgrade lock was not accessible via Vera. After downgrade, still not accessible… Soni replaced the batteries… And it still isn’t accessible… Red cog. Heal doesn’t do anything good either… Going to remove and readd.
It’s a pain considerin… But hopefully that will fix it.
My concern is did the battery failure mess up their communication or was it the downgrade, or a combo???